Victorinox Kitchen Knife (10cm): A Real Home Cook’s Review After 1.5 Years

1. Introduction

For over a year, this little Victorinox Kitchen Knife has been my go-to kitchen buddy. It’s chopped, sliced, and peeled its way through countless meals, leaving me consistently impressed. Having used it extensively, I wanted to share a detailed review on why I think this is the best knife for kitchen, and why it might be perfect for you too.

2. Summary & Highlights [After 1.5 Year of Using this Everyday]

The Good Bits
  1. Visual Aesthetics & Design – It looks elegant, premium
  2. Physical Design & Form Factor – The handle is made with textured plastic and offers a comfortable, strong grip, even when wet.
  3. Functionality, Performance & Comfort – Cuts easy & accurate, with a lot of confidence.
  4. Cleaning, Storing & Sharpening – Easy to clean & store. Haven’t felt the need yet.
  5. Price – I bought it for 490. For the brilliance it offers, I believe it is high value for money.
  6. Should you buy this – In My opinion, yes, without any ifs & buts. It will make your life better.
The Not So Good Bits

I can’t think of anything that is a real downer. So, I would mention the points that would have made the experience even better.

  1. I wish it came with a knife sharpener. Or some info on how to sharpen it, as i have not sharpened this kind of blade before.
  2. I wish it is more easily available in local market, so that people can actually feel it before they buy.
  3. Not so great for chopping Potatoes.

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3. Research, Order & Delivery

At the time of purchase, I could not find clear info on what this knife was suitable for. Some said it is good for tomatoes only, some said it is good for half of veggies used in Indian kitchen and so on. I remember seeing a video by Honest Kitchen by Chef Bhupi, who recommended this as an all rounder knife for Indian kitchens, and I went ahead with the purchase.

Victorinox Kitchen knife comes in 2 blade types – (1) Serrated Blade and (2) Straight Edge and 2 blade lengths (1) 8cm and (2) 10cm. I purchased the 10cm Serrated Blade variant from Amazon. This delivery & packaging were standard.

4. Elegant & Outstanding

This Victorinox kitchen knife has a no-frills but elegant design. The 10cm blade looks like it has been built with superior grade steel. The handle shape & colour, make it look better than most knives I have seen in most Indian kitchens.

5. Functional Design

The blade is a 10cm serrated type, that is usually recommended for cutting, peeling & chopping of veggies. The handle of the knife is built with textured Polypropylene and offers an excellent grip, even when wet. The knife feels balanced and sturdy while using, and gives a lot of confidence while cutting. To be honest I did not know so many adjectives could be used for a simple kitchen knife, before I started using this, but God this is worthy of these.

6. Performance [After 1.5 Year of Usage]

What good is a well designed or well built knife if it does not cut well. Well, this is where Victorinox truly shines! This kitchen knife came crazy sharp, slicing through all kinds of veggies with incredible ease. In fact, it was so sharp that it took me 3-4 days to adjust, as I had to be extra careful to not cut my fingers.  Since, then it has been my single go to knife for everything in the kitchen, and even after a year and half of use it still cuts great.

The 10cm blade is just the right size. It’s small enough for peeling and fancy cuts, but big enough for chopping too. The pointed tip allows for precise cuts, perfect for coring vegetables or removing blemishes. If I have to point out a downside, I would say that the knife does not cut Potatoes as good as it cuts all other fruits, veggies.

7. Cleaning, Sharpening

The knife cleans easy, and is dish washer safe as well. I am yet to invest in a proper knife storing thingy, and keep it with all my other spoon & cutlery holder, but this knife hasn’t given any issues whatsoever

Also, despite using the knife extensively, I haven’t feel the need to sharpen the blade yet. I should mention that I haven’t searched or found any clear info on how to sharpen it [what type of knife sharpener is needed, or where should I take professional help from].

8. Technical Spec Sheet

  1. Blade Length – 10cm
  2. Blade Type – Serrated
  3. Handle Material – Textured Polypropylene
  4. Officially Recommended For – Cutting, chopping, peeling of Veggies, Fruits, Meats.

9. Final Verdict

After a year and half of using this Victorinox paring knife every day, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s sharp, comfy to hold, and the size is perfect for almost any kitchen task. Whether you’re a kitchen whiz or just starting out, this affordable and reliable knife will make your food prep so much easier.

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10. Pyarakona Tips & Bits

  1. Often I have seen that women are too attached to their old (usually ultra cheap) knives. Being a woman, I understand the attachment. I have seen it with my mother & my mother in law as well. And that is why i cannot recommend this enough. I believe this knife can make your life easier & add joy to your kitchen work.
  2. If you are a man reading this, I will urge you to gift this to your mother, sister or wife. She will love it.
  3. I am not a kitchen pro and I often ended up cutting my fingers using local knives. With this ultra sharp knife, I haven’t cut my fingers once in 1.5 years.
  4. Having used 10cm blade variant, I feel 8cm might be small, but i could be wrong here, as I have not used 8cm one. But I can say that 10cm variant is definitely a great option.

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