Do artists also need a hobby?

The dictionary definition of a hobby is – “An activity which someone does for pleasure when they are not working”. We all know that creating art is a great hobby to have.

But what about part-time or full-time artists? “Do artists also need hobbies?”

Purpose of a hobby

Hobbies come with zero pressure, their only job is to make you happy and feel fulfilled. 

By the end of 2018, I picked Mandala Art as a hobby as I really enjoyed the process. After a couple of months, I started pursuing more art forms, and creating art became more than a hobby. Drawing became a daily grind for me along with my full-time job. Eventually, creating art started to feel like work because of the efforts I put in.

Creating art didn’t seem like a “time-off “. This made me realize that I have to find myself a new hobby. An activity that piques my interest but also happens to be different from the kind of art I like making.

If you also feel this way then exploring things unrelated to your creative field might be a great way to go. 

Hobbies keep the mind fresh and young

Hobbies let you have fun so that you can enjoy and relax. If you are working in the creative field and absolutely love what you do it gets difficult to see if you are overworked. Taking out time for hobbies can bring you closer to a healthy work-life balance.

It might not seem obvious at first but almost all the people I know from the creative field have a hobby that completes their lifestyle. Almost all of them agree that balance is an essential part of their day-to-day life. 

I have a friend who is a photographer and his hobby is cycling. Another photographer likes to play the guitar and sing in his free time. A musician who regularly makes time for cycling and skateboarding.  An artist friend who likes to travel and another acquaintance who is a full-time artist and pursues dancing as her creative outlet. 


 Personally, in a span of 2.5 years, I transitioned from having art as a  hobby to being a full-time artist. Learning about different art forms is pretty much a part of my work. That’s why I picked up gardening and carpentry as my leisure time activities. Both make me super happy and save me from exhausting myself.

Endnote, there are unlimited options that can help you rejuvenate and relax. Pick anything, if you aren’t happy, drop it and pick another. 

Although this post is written for people working in the creative field and their hobbies, it is not limited to them.

I hope this post will make you consider hobbies as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your job description says.

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