About Me


Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ” 

Hi there, my name is Shraddha and the words above are pretty much the gist of Pyarakona, my brand.

Pyara Kona started as a dream project of the art enthusiast in me. Giving up my 10-year-old successful career in 2019 to build a life around my interests was not so obvious but the right choice for me.

The decision to blend decorative arts, Mandala art and regional arts with upcycling projects and a bucket load of DIY happened involuntarily because I couldn’t pick a favourite. 

“A little something for everybody ” became my mantra. Art doesn’t have one universal definition, the same way our individual inclinations can be towards different forms of art.

​Pyarakona exists to hold a bond intact where you and I have an equal role as the creator and the nurturer of art.

Art is deemed something rare, fine and admirable, but I believe that the process of making art is what makes it wonderful. It is a journey that should never stop.

I believe that art is a much-needed part of your daily life as it fills you with ideas and imagination. Making you happy in this process is a little incentive that keeps me going.

 This is a safe space for your creativity. It will help you build a connection with your inner self through art.

Coexistence leads to balance. As a small business owner, all the work I do is to make this vision come true.

 Pyara Kona has me in different roles every single day and I am happy to do all of them with a big smile on my face. The biggest part of this involves always being on the lookout for creative yet sustainable projects. 

At Pyarakona I am dedicated to keeping the work environmentally mindful and yet highly focused on each client’s individual needs.  

Yours Truly,

Shraddha Singh Bhati