Welcome to Pyarakona

Hi there ,

My name is Shraddha and I am the person behind the brand Pyarakona.

I created pyarakona as a platform to reach out to people and connect with them through sharing about  my creative journey. 

My Work

I like to draw, make something new daily. Here are some of my favorite works. 

Mandala on Real Leaves

Mandala on Waste Glass Bottles

Traditional Indian Art Kolam fused with Mandala.

Wall Decor made from recycling Egg Cartons

Shelf made from waste wood.

Happy Clients!

Shraddha is the best. The diary she sent was absloute wonderful. Have been using it every day since january 2020.
Data Analyst
Her work is absolute finesse oriented. Even her packaging is a piece of art. The frames were meticulously packed. It was so nice that I have reused the packaging to send someone a gift.
I had the pleasure of working with Shraddha for a wall mural on my home studio wall. The design she chose not only aligned with my vision but also looks very stunning .